Why all the uproar?

Since when is it a problem to have a world leader try to inspire and motivate the youth of America?

There is all this controversy around having President Obama speak to our children today, and I just don’t understand why? Is it because they don’t like the President? And if that is the case, why don’t they like him? Is it because they are on the opposition and aren’t even willing to listen or give him a shot? Are they too afraid of change? Are they afraid of the unknown?

What drives me crazy is people making a decision without all the facts or even wanting the facts. I keep hearing and seeing people oppose the President, just out of spite because he is a Democrat or because he is African-American or because he is young, or because he wants to actually make this country a better place to live now and in the future for our children.

Don’t you know change will happen no matter what? Things can never just stay the same, so why not help make the change a positive change? Why would you want to sit back and let someone else make the decisions for you? You have a voice, so use it.

So back to the issue of today (literally). What is the issue with having the President of the United States speak to our children? Have you read the notes on what he going to speak about? I have. All he wants to do is help motivate and inspire the youth of this country to rise up and reach their full potential. SHOCKING, isn’t it? SCARY, isn’t it? NO, it is not.

I wonder if the opposition is just worried that this next generation will see through all the past mistakes they made and want to fix them. Now that is scary. Because then they will have to admit they made an error. Nobody is perfect and we all make mistakes. It is time to own up to them and move forward, it’s ok. Nobody is saying the President’s plan is perfect either, even he says it won’t be perfect, but what he is trying to do is make a change for the better.

The other thing that scares me is the fact that people are holding their children back from going to school so they don’t see the Presidential address, shows and teaches the children the wrong lesson. You can’t hide from differences of opinion. You can’t teach them to run and hide until the issue is gone. You have to teach them to face it head on and allow them to make up their own minds. They aren’t giving the children a chance to think on their own. One of the best lines I have ever heard is “you may not respect the person, but you should respect the institution of the American Presidency”. So not showing up to school, not being responsible, is the wrong lesson. What if they had a test the next day that they don’t agree with, do they get to stay home from that? Doubtful.

And where was all this opposition when other past presidents addressed the youth of America? Didn’t Reagan and Bush Sr. do the same?

I wish one day, we can all get out of our own way and achieve success together. There will always be different opinions, that is what makes our country so great and helps it move forward. However, blatant disregard for others ideas, just because they may be different from yours, helps nobody. It just delays progress.

I can’t wait to hear what my kids thought of the speech when we get home tonight. Will you be talking to your kids about it?

One thought on “Why all the uproar?

  1. An amazing blog entry; I encourage everyone to read it.It's amazing to me how much partisan politics came into this issue. The President of the United States speaking to schoolchildren – taking time out of the day-to-day politics to address the nation's youth is an AMAZING thing.I would support it regardless of the party affiliation of the President. The President is not going to suddenly start spouting party-line politics to school kids; it may be many things, but idiot is not a label I would apply to this presidency…. Read MoreThis is a President who cares out our children and understands that he is in a unique position to inspire our nation's youth. Let him, people.His agenda has been online and is available to all – anyone who read it would applaud it. ANYONE. It's not partisan politics – it's a GREAT message for our kids.

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