Funny dreams

The other morning, I woke up laughing. Literally. What a fun way to wake up.

Let me explain.

I had a dream.

I had a dream that computers were in our bodies.

Not like a robot, per se. In my dream, we projected the computer screen from our eyes and could project them onto walls, tables, etc. Any surface we were looking at. Then, all we needed to do was touch the surface where we were projecting on to interact (type, scroll, etc.). Pretty cool right??

Here comes the funny part. If you come across an issue where you are projecting on a surface that doesn’t react to your touch, not to worry. We have a back-up plan.

Pull up your shirt and touch your belly. Use that as your surface!!

OK, stop laughing.

This was my dream. Pretty cool, huh?? What a great way to wake up!

One thought on “Funny dreams

  1. Yes – she did wake up laughing. I was there, she started laughing and when I asked her what was up she told me she had to touch her belly to move the mouse on the wall. She was giggling because she was ticklish and slightly embarrassed to have to lift her shirt to move the mouse.

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