Do you have a hobby?

At dinner tonight, Ron was playing 20 questions with Ashlee. We enjoy throwing out different questions about all types of topics, whether it is about school, her friends, what she thinks about different issues, etc., all so we can try to get inside her head and see how she thinks. So one of the questions Ron asked, is if she could have any hobby, what would it be?

That got me thinking about how I would answer. I don’t have a hobby. Why don’t I have a hobby? Am I too busy? Is there nothing out there that interests me? What are my choices? I have friends that scrapbook, make jewelry, knit, so what is it that interests me and why haven’t I ever acted on it?

I have always been drawn to photography, specifically nature photography. I can actually remember conversations over the past few years where I have mentioned this in passing and have even said that I should take a class. So why haven’t I ever acted on this?

I do believe having a hobby can actually be healthy for people. It becomes a distraction from the normal every day stresses. It lets you have an escape, lets you blow off steam, lets you reach a different side of you that maybe you don’t normally expose. In my job, I am so focused on details and technical aspects that I don’t get to reach in and use my creative side. It’s like a muscle that isn’t being stretched.

I think it is time that instead of lightly talking about wanting to explore the possibility of photography, I am going to take some action. It is important to be well-rounded, have something that is yours, that you had a hand in creating. By posting this out here to the world, it is going to force some accountability on my end. Feel free to ping me to see where I am in this journey.

Here is my task list to start:

  1. First things first, find a class. Our neighbors told me about some classes at Crealdé School of Art in Winter Park that offers classes for all levels. I will start there and see what they offer.
  2. Second, determine whether I want to go down the digital or film route. I am leaning towards digital.
  3. Third, going to need an camera.

Well, wish me luck! I will keep you posted on my journey into photography!

4 thoughts on “Do you have a hobby?

  1. You’ve been talking a bout photography for a while now; I really think you should pursue it. You know I’m never adverse to having new and cool technology in the house!Seriously, princess, you are way more creative than you think you are. You’re going to do great! Anything you need to help nudge you aklong, just let me know!

  2. If you want any help getting started let me know. I love photography and have some books you might be interested in looking at.

  3. I think it will be good for you, wish i could do more of my scrapbooking (have not done any since Will was born) hopefully soon i will be able to go back to it, Let me know how it goes

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